Glacier National Park: First Impressions

Despite the fact that we had only a few hours to spend in the Glacier National Park, I madly fell in love with. In my mind, I often go back to the park.  The whole trip to Logan Pass was just breathtaking. Going-to-the-sun road is probably one of the most scenic roads I’ve ever driven on. I would suggest taking a full day to travel along this road. The scenery will amaze you for sure.

View from the road 2

We decided to drive to Logan Pass – the highest point of the Going-to-the-sun road (elevation 6,646 ft (2,026 m) and explore two the most popular trails of the park. One of them is the Hidden Lake trail.

Mirror Lake 1

It’s an easy uphill trail approximately 5,4 miles (round trip length) that takes you to the lake. Note: even if you’re going to hike there in the summer, be ready to see some snow at high attitudes, so come prepared! Definitely wear some sturdy waterproof shoes!

Mirror Lake 4

Mirror Lake 3

Mirror Lake 2


I saw some people hiking in flip-flops, which wasn’t smart.

We only hiked to the lake overlook (only 1,5 miles) fun and easy walk to the spectacular panoramic views of the Hidden lake and the mountains around.

Mirror Lake Overlook 0

Mirror Lake Overlook 1


I was happy to see so much snow in the middle of summer, probably because I’m Russian.

Mirror Lake 6

Another remarkable trail that I definitely want to explore more next time is the Highline trail that starts at Logan Pass and follows along the Continental Divide.

Panorama Highline trail

Round trip is approximately 15 miles. It is definitely not for people with extreme fear of heights because the trail is hanging off the side of a mountain.

Highline Trail

Even though we hiked only a few miles, it was enough to see that this trail has outstanding views.

Highline Trail 1Highline Trail 2M Goat

In summary, Glacier National Park has, hands down, the best trails I’ve ever been on. Miles of glory that you will want to walk again and again.

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5 thoughts on “Glacier National Park: First Impressions

  1. Hello,

    I love your pictures. I was wondering, did you drive there or did you fly? If you flew, to what city? I would love to plan a trip there. I’m from TEXAS!

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      1. I was going to ask exactly what 8500 miles was about. I’m glad you answered that. I definitely want to plan going out there, Havasupai Falls, and other parks out in Utah. I’ve only visited Zion so far but I do come from a long way.

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