Who Is Julia Pelio?


Born in Moscow, Russia, Julia Pelio is now studying full time in the US and has been for the last 3 years. From a young age, Julia thinks back fondly on the times when she would look forward to family road trips more so than Christmas. Not many kids would share the same thought pattern as she did. But admittedly, exploring is her only passion and this tenacious adventurer simply can’t get enough.

North Fork Mountain trail, West Virginia

“Adventure means stepping our of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and expanding your limits. If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.”

Describing it like a drug addiction, her desire to continue to add new places to the her growing list of beautiful, secret spots that she has found, never ceases.

Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

“There is no better way to learn more about yourself than travelling.  Looking back, I realize that every trip I took, every culture I dipped myself in to, and every person I met along my way, left a huge imprint on my life and on my personality.  I am so lucky to have had these experiences.”

Find Julia on instagram: @juliapelio


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